Pocket Money Cookery, Volume I

Pocket Money Cookery, Volume I

Price: £9.00

From: OoberkidsRepublic

Product Description

Take a trip to Italy with these family recipes that give you…
o easy, healthy and value for money MEDITERRANEAN cookery.
o quirky facts about the food used, health and safety tips, historical insight
o tips by nutritionist, Jessica Scott.
o space for your children to write down their own oober recipes!

Here are our recipes:
• Pizza Beef, a normal dinner with a twist
• Broken French Dinner, an Italian dish with an international past
• The Embarrassed Queen's Frittata: simple, easy, delicious and historical too!
• Dawn Eggs, a breakfast to wake up for!
• Volcano eggs, this will put fire in your belly
• Snowstorm Veal, a special occasion’s dinner and a real story of courage and determination
• Mozzarella on a Scooter, THE Southern Italian panino
• Winter Mud Pudding, who’d have thought fruit could be so delicious
• Lazy Summer Spaghetti, the perfect ending to a perfect summer’s day
• Chocolate Hedgehog, a Christmas treat for the whole family


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